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Our mission is to connect students with quality tutors at an affordable price, from anywhere, at a time that fits their schedule and lifestyle. We firmly believe that an excellent education leads to greater opportunities, foundational growth, and long-term success.

At SeeMyTutor, we’ve set our sights on helping students grow academically and personally. With guidance from high quality, dependable tutors, students receive and implement proven study skills, homework help, and test preparation that gives them the ability to do more than just improve their grades.

When students begin working one-on-one with our tutors, they start improving their lives—inside and out. They exude stronger confidence, dream bigger, and create better futures for themselves.


SeeMyTutor was established in 2013 by Angelica Dillon. The idea came to her when her sister, Maria, asked for her help researching affordable tutoring services for her twin sons. She was looking for a tutoring company that would work around her busy schedule—without breaking the bank.

Angelica realized there weren’t many options available for her sister’s situation. Local tutoring centers in her Maria’s area closed when she finished work each day, and the online options were too expensive for a mother of two. Angelica realized that like her sister, countless other parents and students face similar struggles, and must juggle work, family responsibilities, and schooling; and parents and students often face an uphill battle when it comes to finding tutoring solutions that fit their unique situations.

SeeMyTutor was born out of a need to provide budget-friendly online tutoring services with individualized guidance and convenient scheduling. Our tutors are top quality and have been rigorously vetted to teach SeeMyTutor students. Our tutors use our SeeMyTutor platform to empower and educate according to their personal schedules and time. We leverage user-friendly technology with an accessible virtual classroom that gives students personal homework help, custom study skills, and ample test preparation.

SeeMyTutor exists to provide quality educational resources, handpicked tutors, and practical solutions to help students make the grade.

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