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Thank you for your interest in SeeMyTutor.com. Online tutoring has become an important resource for students and tutors alike. Providing opportunities for teachers, graduate students, and upperclassmen to supplement existing income; online education platforms continue to grow.

SeeMyTutor provides this resource to tutors in a way that allows them the freedom to work on their own schedule while they help students improve grades.

We are actively searching for tutors who want to help make a difference in a student’s life. Our tutors are from all types of backgrounds: college students, certified teachers, college professors, tutoring professionals, and even stay at home moms.

Why SeeMyTutor?

We believe that tutors should be paid what they’re worth. Even though your tutoring expertise is invaluable, our mission is to empower you, so we’ve set our pay scale higher than other tutoring services.

In addition, we offer you the flexibility to set your own hours according to their busy schedules. Tutors have no set minimum amount of hours they must work.

We offer tutors the ability to work from anywhere without the worry of travelling expenses, marketing costs, or worrying about getting payment for their services. We bring the students to you by actively marketing our services in various media outlets, through social media, and schools.

Our website is user friendly and provides all of the necessary tools, such as white boarding, audio/visual, message chat, and file exchange), needed for a one on one virtual tutoring session.


We need a wide range of tutors with different experience. The following is a list of subjects we are currently looking for.

  • Elementary & Middle School Math - 4th grade to 8th grade
  • Elementary & Middle School English - 4th grade to 8th grade
  • Elementary & Middle School Science - 4th grade to 8th grade
  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Algebra
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Placement (AP)
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Test Prep – SAT,GMAT, GRE,LSAT, MCAT
  • Biology, Physics, Chemistry
  • Languages – Spanish, French, Mandarin, ESL, Portuguese

When you apply to work with us, our team will review your 4-part application, process your academic skill sets, and conduct a background check. Once your check clears someone from our team will call you and conduct a short interview. We strongly believe in personal relationships and we love talking with our tutors.

Apply here.